HideMyAss Review


HideMyASS is the VPN solution that can easily be used by everyone. With an easy to use interface, this VPN is the perfect way to either hide your tracks online or stream videos that are restricted in your country due to copyrights.

Pros & Cons

Just like any other service, HideMyASS features a series of strong points but it also has some issues that still need worked on. For example, the most important pros are:

  • the provider excels at offering unlimited bandwidth which is absolutely great considering that most VPN solutions will slow down the internet speed with about 25%
  • a submitted user will be able to switch between servers for free without being enforced any type of limit. This works great when you want to view restricted or censored content from different countries
  • a wide network of servers all over the world that ensures faster connectivity and more possibilities to access content from all over the world. HideMyASS is one of the VPNs with such a wide network that it covers over 200 countries. They have 880 servers in 330 locations and over 11000 IP addresses that can be used at any given time (and the number is continuously growing).

On the cons side, there are only a few matters to consider, like:

  • Even though it has a wide network, most servers are located in the US. Still, this doesn’t prevent users to connect from other countries anytime they want
  • Most VPN servers offer complete anonymity when browsing, but they keep a series of logs in case one of their users needs to be identified by authorities. This takes away from the mirage of complete anonymity. HideMyASS also keeps logs with users’ email address, name and real IP address. Users must be aware of the fact that they will hand over their logs to the authorities if requested


HideMyASS VPN solution supports most common security protocols (OpenVPN, PTPP, and L2TP) and uses a 256-bit encryption to keep curious eyes away. A submitted user will be able to change between these protocols easily, according to the device used to make the initial connection.

Another great feature is the ease of access. The team offers apps for all popular operating systems (desktop or mobile). This is great as you can use your computer or your tablet to connect and you’re not dependant on one single location. Also, another feature that makes HideMyASS special is the fact that it supports two simultaneous connections. This way, a user will be able to connect with two devices at the same time.


Besides the fact that they keep pretty detailed logs, HideMyASS is definitely one of the top notch providers when it comes to online anonymity. The solution will hide and protect a user’s browsing data even from internet service providers and will help in avoiding suspicious scripts that can be malicious.

HideMyASS is definitely the solution that you want guarding your personal data! They use “secure IP binding “, a unique feature that assigns IP addresses randomly for real online anonymity. Through this service, all data are encrypted in order to add an extra layer of security.



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